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Federal prosecutors claim Roger Stone used a “The Godfather Part II” reference to advocate for a witness to lie and motioned to use a clip from the movie as evidence in the trial of the one-time Trump campaign adviser.

“The relevant scene is important context for understanding Stone’s references — including what Stone intended to communicate to the witness and how Stone would have understood the witness’ likely understanding of those messages,” Friday’s motion read.

The evidence will be used to help prove alleged witness tampering “with Person 2” via a text message that read “Start practicing your Pantagele [sic],” according to prosecutors.

“The movie clip makes clear that in his communications with Person 2, Stone used the name ‘Frank Pentangeli’ and the lines spoken by that character to persuade Person 2 to behave as Frank Pentangeli did in the movie, i.e., to falsely tell a congressional committee that he did not have knowledge of incriminating information that could lead to perjury charges,” the motion argued.

“The movie clip shows the jury the image that Stone intended to evoke in Person 2’s mind when he sent those communications. To not show the clip at trial would deprive jurors of significant context for understanding critical messages in this case.”

In “The Godfather Part II,” Pentangeli was to testify about his involvement in organized crime but changed his mind and denied any knowledge of Michael Corleone’s crime family when the mob boss entered the hearing.


“The Post camped outside City Hall and called dozens of city workers and the best they could come up with was a story about a few eyerolls. That’s because City Hall continues to deliver for New Yorkers.” Some City Hall staffers think Mayor Bill de Blasio’s run for the White House is a “joke” and that he “can’t win,” the New York Post reported. “It’s a joke,” one unnamed aide told the news outlet. “The chances seem so low,” that unnamed staffer said. “If we saw a clear shot for winning or polling higher, I think it would make more sense.” A spokeswoman for the mayor, Freddi Goldstein, responded: Another unnamed source told the Post “the look is not great” when de Blasio was in Iowa during a July 13 blackout that hit a large swath of Manhattan’s West Side. “He probably should have come back a little faster.” “I think that he knows that he can’t win. It’s just a lot of eye-rolling . . . He’s doing it because he’s got a big ego and needs to prove something, and I don’t think he’s going to quietly go away and become an adjunct professor at Hunter.” Ahead of the second Democratic presidential candidates’ debate, and just months after his announcement, “multiple” staffers mock and are baffled at the bid, according to the Post.


Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., faces a challenge for re-election from a 30-year-old Massachusetts mayor campaigning on the House Ways and Means Committee chairman’s inaction on obtaining President Donald Trump’s tax returns, NBC News reported. “So, when you look at the timing here, we’re now very unlikely to see any result before the 2020 election, because Congressman Neal dragged his feet. We also have people in New York that have worked tirelessly to give the American people access to his New York state tax returns.” “I think his action is emblematic of a kind of leader, or lack thereof, that’s he’s been over the last 30 years,” Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse told NBC News about Neal’s authority to obtain President Trump’s state returns. Rep. Neal has held off using the New York state law to obtain his state tax returns because it might jeopardize the ability to obtain federal returns, according to the report. President Trump filed a federal lawsuit this week to block Rep. Neal from using the state law to obtain the federal return. “I know people here in western Massachusetts, and people around the country, are frustrated with the way in which he’s handled this issue from day one. I mean, Democrats took back the House, and it took [months] to put a letter together. I know it doesn’t take us that long to put letters together at City Hall when we have to look at legal issues. “It’s unfortunate that there are folks who aren’t living what he’s living, making statements and comments and Monday morning quarterbacking the situation,” a source told NBC News of Rep. Neal.


“We [Delawareans] were on the South’s side in the Civil War,” Biden is quoted as saying during a campaign speech he delivered in Alabama.

According to Rolling Stone, the quote appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on September 20, 1987.

Delaware was a border state during the Civil War and supported slavery at the time.

The Biden campaign responded with a statement to Rolling Stone that labeled President Donald Trump a “racist maniac.”

On top of that Biden also bragged to others about how he was given an award by former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, a high-profile racist during his day.

“As a young Senator, Joe Biden declared that if George Wallace — an unhinged, racist maniac — became the presidential nominee of his party, he would support Gerald Ford,”

“If more GOP leaders had a scintilla of that same courage in 2016, they wouldn’t be debasing themselves this very minute by defending another unhinged, racist maniac.”

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Billionaire Tom Steyer, a former hedge fund manager, wants to “break the corrupt stranglehold that corporations have on our government” and take on President Donald Trump in 2020.

Steyer’s comments came during a Thursday interview on “CBS This Morning.”  Steyer announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday.

“To me the biggest question facing the United States is not what we should do, but how are we going to break the corrupt stranglehold that corporations have on our government,” Steyer said.

He added: “For the last 10 years, I’ve been trying to push power back to the people of the United States.

Steyer, who will reportedly spend $100 million of his own funds on his campaign, said his candidacy is “not about the money.” He maintained it is aimed at “trying to retake the government.”

“This is about retaking the democracy from the corrupt corporate power that is determining what happens in Washington, D.C.”

Meanwhile, Steyer’s campaign to impeach Trump will continue under new leadership during his presidential bid.


National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow Thursday praised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, for her questions to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, saying he would give her “high marks” and saying he’d like to meet with her to discuss economics. 

“I’m a supply-side conservative and so forth,” Kudlow told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“I want to note in the hearings yesterday with Fed Chairman Jay Powell it was Ms. AOC who asked him about the Phillips Curve.”

The economic theory represents the relationship between inflation and the unemployment rate, finding that when unemployment is high, wages increase slowly, but when it’s low, wages go up rapidly. 

During a hearing on Wednesday, Powell largely agreed with Ocasio-Cortez when she said economists are concerned that the curve is “no longer describing what is happening in today’s economy,” and Kudlow said he agrees. 

“By the way, that is my position,” said Kudlow. “That has been the president’s position. Strong growth doesn’t cause higher inflation and interest rates. It looks like the Fed is going to have to cut their rates.”

And, he added, “nobody in life is all good or all bad…I’ve got to give hats off to Ms. AOC. She kind of nailed that. I’m hoping she and I can sit down to talk supply-side economics very soon.”

He further noted that there was a large jobs number that came out last Friday, and the nation is in a “powerful prosperity cycle because of pro-growth policies on taxes, regulation, trade reform, energy and so forth. There is no stopping it.”


“Gays for Trump” founder Peter Boykin – who was banned from Twitter – opened his speech by saying his “#MeToo” moment was being “raped by social media.” — Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) July 6, 2019 .@peterboykin #gaysfortrump #demandfreespeech — The Free-Thinking Queer (@chrisbartley101) July 6, 2019

A Theory On Just Why IRAN Decided To Foolishly Attack Us… What Do You Think?

Director of Defense Intelligence Agency gives theory behind Iran’s recent attacks
Iran’s recent attacks on tankers and the downing of a U.S. surveillance drone appear to be part of an effort to change “the status quo,” the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) told Fox News exclusively. “I’d say that they’re probably at an inflection point right now,” the director, See More Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley Jr., explained in his first national TV interview as the leader of the nearly 17-thousand strong agency. Director Ashley said, based on their activity over the last several years, the Iranians would probably say they were in a “favorable” position with their influence over the Iraqi government and the likelihood their longtime regional ally — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — will remain in power. But, Director Ashley said the United States’ withdrawal from the Iran deal and subsequent sanctions made a major impact on the regime.

His comments come as President Trump has promised to impose new sanctions against Iran on Monday on top of what has already been a crippling campaign for the Islamic nation’s economy. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he said he does not wish to go to war with Iran but warned an armed conflict would bring “obliteration like you’ve never seen before.” An Iranian military official warned Monday that Tehran is capable of shooting down more American spy drones. Tune in to “Special Report” on Fox News today at 6 p.m. ET to see Catherine Herridge’s exclusive interview with DIA Director  Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley Jr.

2020 Dems jockey for position before first debate
Days before the first Democratic primary presidential debate on Wednesday, it appears the various potential challengers to President Trump in 2020 are battling to set the tone and stand. Some critics may argue that some of the 2020 Dems are trying to out-radicalize each other. Sen. Bernie Sanders is set to announce on Monday a policy proposal that would eliminate all $1.6 trillion of American student debt, according to a report.

Some 2020 candidates may seek to regain some of the momentum they lost to upstart Pete Buttigieg. The South Bend, Ind. mayor faced criticism at a town hall on Sunday from residents angered over a white police officer’s fatal shooting of a black man on June 16. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic frontrunner plans to introduce his immigration policy as the debate over the border wall and how to deal with illegal immigration rages on in Washington.

Lawmakers doubtful about reaching solutions to asylum loophole problems
President Trump over the weekend delayed a planned mass roundup of illegal immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for two weeks, in the hope that a bipartisan solution to the “asylum and loophole problems at the southern border” can be reached. However, lawmakers have their doubts. Democrats reportedly would rather focus on a comprehensive immigration overhaul or measures to fund the asylum process at the border. Republicans, would rather focus on legislation limiting asylum options and on building Trump’s proposed border wall.

Utah student last seen getting a Lyft ride remains missing
A University of Utah student who disappeared after ordering a Lyft in Utah was still missing Sunday — nearly a week after she was last seen. Mackenzie Lueck, 23, was flying to Salt Lake City from Los Angeles after attending a funeral last weekend. The Salt Lake City Police Department said Lueck arrived at the airport on June 17 and ordered a Lyft ride-share to an address in North Salt Lake. Investigators said she was last seen “in the early morning hours of Monday.”

Aerialist Lijana Wallenda walks on a high wire above Times Square, Sunday, June 23, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Jason Szenes)

Flying Wallendas stop traffic at New York City’s Times Square
The Flying Wallendas conquered the Big Apple on Sunday night. Nik Wallenda, a seventh-generation acrobat, and his sister, Lijana Wallenda, coming back after a near-fatal accident in 2017, when she broke nearly every bone in her face, crossed Times Square in New York City on a high wire between skyscrapers, 25 stories above the pavement. “Thank you, Jesus, glory to you, Holy God,” Lijana said on air as she crossed on the wire. The siblings walked from opposite ends of the 1,300-foot wire suspended between the towers, crossing each other in the middle as she sat on the wire. They were listening to Christian Gospel music as they crossed, and they were wearing tethered safety harnesses mandated by the city in case they fell.

ICYMI: Holocaust survivors respond to AOC’s ‘concentration camp’ comments in new video.
Trump opens up about his ‘biggest mistake’ as president.
Robert Friend, one of last original Tuskegee Airmen, dead at 99.

Walmart adds AI-powered cameras to more than 1,000 stores to reduce checkout theft, report says.
Bill Gates reveals the ‘greatest mistake’ he’s ever made.
These are the college majors with the highest and lowest unemployment rates.


What is #Trump going to do about IRAN? The world is watching..

The world awaits a ‘measured’ US response to Iran
After weeks of mounting tension and a war of words, both the United States and Iran have refrained so far from further escalating their conflict after aU.S. drone was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missileWednesday evening. According to multiple reports, the U.S. military made preparations for limited strikes on Iran but approval was withdrawn before the attacks See More were launched. The New York Timesreported that President Trump had approved the strikes, but then called them off.

Earlier Thursday, Trump told reporters that Iran made a “very big mistake” but also said he had the feeling that it might have been the result of someone being “loose and stupid,” rather than a deliberate provocation by Iran. Top administration officials and lawmakers had a classified briefing at the White House and suggested a “measured” U.S. response is likely coming soon. Fred Fleitz, who also served as chief of staff to current National Security Adviser John Bolton, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that thepresident has acted responsibly and with restraint but that the use of force against Iran “is on the table.”

US citizen death total in Dominican Republic rises to 11
The families of two U.S. citizens have told Fox News that the pair died suddenly while visiting the Dominican Republic. They were identified as Chris Palmer, a 41-year-old Army veteran from Kansas who died April 18, 2018, and Barbara Diane Maser-Mitchell, a 69-year-old retired nurse fromPennsylvania who died Sept. 17, 2016, after falling critically ill at a resort. The State Department confirmed their deaths to Fox News on Thursday.

The two would bring the total of U.S. citizens known to have died while visiting the Dominican Republic to 11. Most of those deaths that have become matters of public record occurred in 2018 and 2019. Maser-Mitchell’s death is the earliest one reported so far.

Bombshell testimony in Navy SEAL’s trial
Navy prosecutors are still pursuing murder charges against Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher even after bombshell testimony Thursday by a Navy colleague who confessed that he was the one to kill a teenage Islamic State fighter. Special Operator 1st Class Corey Scott, a SEAL Team Seven medic, testifying for the prosecution under an immunity agreement,told the court that he held the teen’s “thumb over his TT tube until he quit breathing,” admitting that he asphyxiated the captive, despite saying that he saw Gallagher stab the boy in his neck.

When cross-examined by the defense, Scott said he killed the fighter because he knew “he was going to die anyways.” “I wanted to save him from what was going to happen to him next,” Scott said, referring to alleged torture by Iraqi captors.

Scandal-ridden Roy Moore announces new Senate bid, despite opposition from Trump, conservatives
Roy Moore, the scandal-scarred Republican who lost a 2017 bid for the U.S. Senate in Alabama,announced Thursday he will run again for Senate next year, despite President Trump and other conservatives in Washington insisting he can’t win. “Yes, I will run for the United States Senate in 2020,” Moore said during a defiant announcement in Montgomery,after railing against the Republicans who have said they oppose his candidacy. “Can I win?” Moore said. “Yes, I can win. Not only can I, they know I can. That’s why there’s such opposition.”Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, mocked Moore, specifically a report that Moore said he would improve on his previous run by engaging in “more personal contact with people.”

US women’s soccer team dominates Sweden
The United States is showing just how fiercely it is prepared to defend its Women’s World Cup title. The Americans faced their toughest test of the tournament on Thursday night and dominated in a 2-0 victory over Sweden, the rivals that stunned them at the2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. The U.S. went undefeated in the group stage, posting wins against Thailand and Chile before beating the Swedes, all without conceding a goal. It is the first time the Americans have shut out all their group opponents in the World Cup. They’ve also scored a group-stage record 18 goals. – Associated Press

House Dems slammed for focusing on Hope Hicks’ love lifeduring testimony.
Oregon governor sends out state police to find GOP lawmakersskipping climate vote.
Man must pay ex $15M after winning lottery during divorce, arbitrator rules.

Investing in Slack? Here’s how much money the company has actually been making.
Apple, Black & Decker and Steve Madden among US companies moving production out of China. Here’s the full list.
Median age in US rises to 38: How it may impact health care, entitlements.


We Get It No One Wants WAR With IRAN, But Yesterday It Was Mining A Oil Tanker, Today Blowing Up Our Drones, Do You Want To See Tomorrow?

Iran shoots down US drone
Amid heightened tensions with the United States, a U.S. Navy MQ-4C high-altitude drone was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missileWednesday evening over the Strait of Hormuz in international airspace, a U.S. official told Fox News. A commander for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said the shooting sends “a clear See More message” to the U.S. He said while Iran has no intention of war with anyone, it’s “ready for war.”

The shootdown of the RQ-4 Global Hawk comes after the U.S. military previously alleged Iran fired a missile at another drone last week that responded to the attack on two oil tankers near the Gulf of Oman. The U.S. blames Iran for the attack on the ships; Tehran has denied the allegations. Iran recently has quadrupled its production of low-enriched uranium and threatened to boost its enrichment closer to weapons-grade levels, trying to pressure Europe for new terms to the 2015 nuclear deal. In recent weeks, the U.S. has sped an aircraft carrier to the Mideast and approved sending approximately 1,000 additional troops “to address air, naval, and ground-based threats” in the region. Mysterious attacks also have targeted oil tankers as Iranian-allied Houthi rebels launched bomb-laden drones into Saudi Arabia.

Fox News Exclusive: Trump says DOJ investigating whether his calls were secretly monitored
One day after formally launching his 2020 presidential bid, President Trump told Fox News’ “Hannity” exclusively on Wednesday that investigators areworking to determine whether his personal phone calls were secretly monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies during the 2016 campaign — a possibility he called “the ultimate.” The president also hammered House Democrats for putting his former top communication adviser Hope Hicks “through hell,” after photos of Hicks testifying before a closed-door session on Capitol Hill earlier in the day leaked on social media. “What’s happened to the Democrats? And in the meantime, they’re not doing any work in Congress,” Trump told Sean Hannity, calling the party “unhinged.”

Hicks is executive vice president and chief communications officer for Fox Corp., of which Fox News is a subsidiary.

Biden, Booker clash over former VP’s past work with segregationist senators
Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden told reporters Wednesday that he was not going to apologize for invoking his ability decades ago to work with two segregationist Southern senatorsto “get things done.” A Fox News camera was rolling when Biden was asked if he was going to apologize for his remarks. “Apologize for what?” he responded. Later, Biden faced scorching criticism from his primary rivals, including two of the three black candidates running for the White House — Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California – who raised serious concerns after Biden highlighted his ability to work with the segregationist senators. Booker said in a statement he was “disappointed” Biden had yet to issue an “immediate apology.”

Second aide to Senate Democrat charged in Kavanaugh ‘doxing’ plot
A second aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., is facing federal charges stemming from a scheme to publicly post the personal information of several Republican politicians amid the contentious confirmation hearings for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The aide,Samantha Deforest Davis, was a staff assistant in Hassan’s office from August 2017 until last December. She was fired after Capitol Police discovered her possible involvement in the so-called “doxing” effort. Court documents accuse Davis of aiding 27-year-old Jackson A. Cosko, a former Hassan aide who has pleaded guilty to five federal offenses, including two counts of making public restricted personal information, and one count each of computer fraud, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

David Ortiz shooting a case of mistaken identity, Dominican officials say
Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was not the intended target of a shooting in a nightclub in his hometown on June 9, according to the Dominican Republic’s lead prosecutor. Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez said the shooting was result of mistaken identity, and the target was another man, dressed similarly to Ortiz, who was seated with the ex-baseball star on the night of the shooting at a bar in Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic’s attorney general and national police director told reporters that the attempted murder was ordered from the United States by Victor Hugo Gomez, an associate of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. They said Gomez had hired a gang of killers to eliminate his cousin, whom Gomez suspected of turning him in to Dominican drug investigators in 2011.

Heckling, drama mark House hearing on slavery reparations as top Dem asks, ‘Why not now?’
Syrian refugee arrested in plot to bomb Pittsburgh church for ISIS, feds say.
McCain appears to use vulgarity during heated ‘View’ debate with Behar over Trump.

Mexico ratifies USMCA trade deal with US, Canada.
Schumer asks for probe into delay of Harriet Tubman $20 bill.
Art Laffer, ‘Trumponomics’ author, awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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