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I would fight on his side to keep him there because of the low energy of those on the right that did not fight hard enough to ensure a 2018 winning midterm..

Trump lost a powerful aide in his campaign.. The House. Because of this he has had to struggle getting as much accomplishments done as his first 2 years as he sucessfully beat the swamp..

Since then its been Russiagate.. Ukrainegate.. Demoncrats and leftists causing chaos and a Republican base that for the main part that sits on their ass and lets it happen...

Someone has to say it...

Now we have plandemic coronavirus kungflu and left run amok forcing us to comply with masks and staying at home.. And putting us in a spot where we have to beg and depend on the government for funds to pay our bills..

So yes.. I believe the Consitution first did NOT intend the President to have a term limit.. Thats why impeachment was important but only to be used in a real crisis not as a political ploy of the left to undermine our President.

So yes Trump deserves to stay in office this election year has been a farce.. And if Trump loses the country loses and the end of America as it was once will be quickly coming to an end..

The United States is the only TRUE beacon of light in this world.. So yes I will fight.. And so should you!!

Trump has a plan to stay in the White House if he loses election, former senator says | The Independent

Trump has a plan to stay in the White House if he loses election, former senator says
Tim Wirth shares theory on how Trump can stay in White House after election loss

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#GoRight Activism Starts with Interviewing Those Who Want to Make Change in our Government... Today we interview Merle Rutledge who is Running for VA GOP Governor Candidate .. Together Let's Make America Great Always for Everyone


Visit his page at:

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Go Right interviews Merle Rutledge GOP Candidate for VA Governor ...

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The LEFT is Destroying Our Past Will we even have a Future? It is Time to Go Right ...

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2020 Has US Going off the Rails of a Crazy Train

To help you rationalize things you must understand one basic thing All leftists are psychopaths... And ones in training are all sociopaths

... This great experiment called the United States of America is at its 11th hour and 49 mins... Imagine how worse it will be IF... Trump is cheated out of a second term... If you have the ability... Find a way to fight back do not let our country die violently kicking and screaming and burning into the night...

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New York's Cuomo says 3 children have died from a coronavirus-related mystery ailment. Do you believe this? Is this a Ploy to Force us to Comply? For a Forced Vaccine?

Those of you who continue to believe this pandemic is more insidious than an accidental transmitted, "Corona Virus" Better wake up!!!

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